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EMWLUA 2021 Rules Card
by posted 02/03/2021

Hi Founders Programs,

Here’s an update regarding the rules card. See attached with key changes highlighted in yellow.
  • Modified checking at 5/6: In April, 2020, we surveyed programs re: modified checking for 5/6 grade Sunday league play. Approximately 75% of those who responded were in favor of introducing checking at this level. I’m proposing we introduce this rule and begin the work of teaching it correctly. There are benefits to both offense and defense. For the offensive player, it requires them to protect the ball in a more realistic setting; and for the defender, it levels the the playing field a bit. This change is consistent with the overall objective of consistent rules across grade levels when possble. As described in the Notes, a program can opt-out of checking for their 5/6 grade teams for the 2021 season. Based on what I’ve heard, most programs will implement modified checking at 5/6. And lastly, other large girls lacrosse league permit checking at 5/6.
  • Goalie Clear: please ignore the previous card and the wording around Goalie Clear / Deputy, etc. It was confusing. The rule in this version is for grades 1-4 and is simply designed to allow the youngest goalies to easily transition the ball to a teammate. Once that first pass is complete, teams can ride.
  • Sharing Goalie Equipment: Stay tuned on this. This may well end up being the decision of local health departments. Clearly, two sets of goalie equipment for one team is a huge expense, while asking players to play the entire game in the goal is not ideal. Is there a way that helmets and gloves can be properly sanitized during half time?
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How to Lacrosse Videos - Series 1
by posted 10/14/2020

How to Video Series brought to you by Franklin resident Missy and Sadie Nash.  Equipment needed includes lacrosse ball, stick and a few cones (or whatever you have to mark a spot).  Click on each link to see a demonstration:  

Video 1: Triple Threat Position/ Cradling and Grip

Video 2: Ground Balls

Video 3: Throwing & Catching


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