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Sunday’s Game
by posted 04/16/2021

Good evening Huskies!

**We are not holding practice over April vacation.

A couple of reminders about Sunday's game for those of you whose daughter can attend...

1. The fields at the high school will be fertilized on Sunday, so the girls will not be able to warm up on the field behind the bleachers.  Instead, please meet with coach Jill at 3:45 at the FHS track.

2. Game time is 4:15, and we will be wearing white.

3. We will likely only have 10 players, so we will probably play 10 v 10.

4. I will be in touch towards the end of the week re: the 4/25 game.

Have an awesome week!



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Team Game Night - Tonight!!
by posted 04/15/2021

Hi Huskies!

Sadie is about to log into the Team Game Night Zoom.  Ask your daughter to join!


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by posted 04/15/2021

Good Morning Huskies!

  • Tonight's Practice: With the weather threatening and several players unable to attend practice tonight, I have decided to cancel tonight's practice. 

  • Huskies Game Night: In place of practice, Sadie will be hosting a team Zoom for a game of (basically online Pictionary)!  This will take place tonight from 8:00-9:00.  Here is the Zoom link to join:                        Meeting ID: 868 9150 5006

  • Sunday's Game vs. Needham: This Sunday's game vs. Needham is ON.  I have the following players listed as available: Codi, Maddie G, Hannah, Emmalee, Liv, Callie, Madison T, Camille, Sammy, Lily.  Kim Carney has graciously offered to coach the game while our high school helper Jill Fenerty will assist.  The Needham coach is fine with us playing 10 v 10 or less if needed.  We may need a goalie or 2.  Please let me know if your daughter would be willing to play goalie for all or half of the game.  Game time is 4:15 at Pisini Field at FHS.  Please have your daughter arrive at 3:45 on the field behind the bleachers to warm up with coach Jill.  We will wear white.  

Thanks, and enjoy your vacation week!





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by posted 04/13/2021

Good Afternoon Huskies!

It will probably be chilly at practice tonight.  Please send your daughter with a hat and gloves.  When girls do not have gloves and it is cold, they tend to hold their stick with their hands in their sleeves.  That doesn't work too well.  Sadie has a pair of small lacrosse gloves that she barely used.  Anyone want to call dibs on them?

Also, if your daughter has one, please have her wear a reversible jersey over her long sleeves.



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Great First Game! The Week Ahead...
by posted 04/11/2021

University of Connecticut Athletics - Official Athletics Website

Good evening Huskies!

Well I couldn't be prouder of this group of young ladies.  It was remarkable to see how well they gelled as a team in their first game together!  They supported one another and fought for every ball.  The final score was 10-2, and every single player on our team helped us earn that "W" - whether is was scoring or assisting a goal, creating space for teammates to pass and cut on attack, hustling for ground balls, double-teaming the ball on defense or stopping shots on goal.  A true team effort!

The week ahead:

Tuesday, 4/13: Practice 5:15-6:30 at Pisini

Thursday, 4/15: Practice 5:15-6:30 at Pisini

Sunday, 4/18: Game vs Needham White at 4:15 at Pisini Field (FHS football stadium)

*** Unfortunately, neither Tara nor I will be at next Sunday's game.  We are working on finding someone to coach the game in our place.

*** In addition, a bunch of our players will be away for part or all of April vacation.  As of now, I have been informed that the following players will be unavailable to play on 4/18: Sadie, Cade, Ruby, Monica, Liliana, Maddie P, Sam G and Kiley.  Please let me know if anyone else will not be available for the 4/18 game asap so I can find substitutes from the other 5/6 team if needed.  I am assuming that the other 5/6 team may be short players too, so perhaps some of our players may want to play in both games?  Their game is at 10:15 in Dedham.  Please let me know if your daughter would be interested in playing in both games next Sunday (10:15 in Dedham and 4:15 in Franklin).


Have a great week!



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by posted 04/11/2021

Please meet ON THE FOOTBALL field at 1:15.  Earlier game was canceled.

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Game Day - Tomorrow - Woohoo!!
by posted 04/10/2021

University of Connecticut Athletics - Official Athletics Website

Good afternoon Huskies!

I'm super-excited for our opening day tomorrow!  Here are a few reminders:

  • Game time is 1:45.  We will be playing at Pisini Field (football stadium) at FHS.  Please drop your daughter off at the grass field behind the bleechers dressed and ready to go by 1:15 so we can have a good warm-up.

  • We will be wearing blue

  • Your daughter will need her stick, mouthguard, goggles, 2 masks and water.

  • Your daughter may be playing different positions throughout the game, but she will likely be playing the position listed below when she first enters the game (either as a starter or as a sub).  Please share the important information about your daughter's initial position listed below prior to the game.

    • Goalies: Lia (first half); Codi (second half)

      • Step up towards the ball with your stick AND your body to try to make saves.

      • After a save, clear the ball to teammates on the sides of the field (never pass it to someone in front of your own goal)

      • You have 10 seconds to clear the ball.  If you think you are going to run out of time, step out of the crease to the side/behind of the goal.  You CANNOT step back into the crease with the ball in your stick, so if you want to go back into the crease, roll the ball to the BACK of the net and then go back into the crease.  That will give you a new 10 seconds to clear the ball.

    • Defenders: Callie, Maddie G, Maddie P, Monica, Madison T, Ruby, Lily

      • At the draw, set up behind the restraining line next to the player you are guarding and slightly closer to the goal than she is (goalside).  You may not cross the restraining line until there is possession of the draw in the midfield.  KNOW YOUR PLAYER"S NUMBER BEFORE THE GAME.

      • Always see ball and man, and have your body goalside.

      • You do not need to follow your player behind the goal.  You will mirror her in front of the crease and meet her at the goal line extended.

      • Force players who have the ball to the outsides of the field.

      • Double-team EVERY shot.

      • Watch out for "shooting space" and "defensive 3-seconds" fouls.  Stay a stick's length away from your player whenever you are in the 8-meter arc unless you are double-teaming someone else's player who has the ball.  Don't get in the path of a potential shot.

      • If you get the ball, head towards our offensive zone at full speed.  If you are going to cross the restraining line near the goal we're shooting at, yell: "Middie back!"

      • Communicate!  Say things like: "I've got ball!" and "I've got 2!" and "I'm your help!"

    • Midfielders: Hannah, Sadie, Liliana, Kaylee, Emmalee

      • Stand on the diagonals of the circle for the draw.  Don't forget to box out your player right when the whistle is blown for the draw, and then go hard for the ball.

      • When our team has the ball, keep the field big - wings, stay on your side of the field. 

      • Once the ball is in our attacking zone, stay wide - wider than the 12-meter arc (the biggest arc).  Then make cuts all the way through the arc.

      • When the other team has the ball, force them to the outsides of the field.

      • Be all over EVERY ground ball!

    • Attackers: Codi, Camille, Kiley, Charlotte, Sam G, Sammy F, Liv, Cade

      • When the ball is in our attacking zone, stay wide - wider than the 12-meter arc (the biggest arc).  Then make cuts all the way through the arc.

      • Every time you pass, then make a cut through the arc.

      • Shoot HARD!

      • Stay moving - remember, if you are standing with the ball in your stick while a defender is closely guarding you for more than 3 seconds, the ref will give the defender the ball!

      • Redefend: When the other team's goalie makes a save, get on your player IMMEDIATELY so that we can try to get the ball back and keep it in our attacking zone.

I am so excited for a fun game with our amazing team!


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Practice Today (4/8)
by posted 04/08/2021

Good Afternoon Huskies!

Reminder: Today's practice will be from 5:15-6:45.  We have a lot to do prior to our first game against an experienced Wellesley team, so please have your daughter arrive on time if possible.  We will be scrimmaging the other 5/6 team from 6:15-6:45.  This will be a "teaching scrimmage".  Feel free to come and watch, but we will blowing a lot of whistles to teach the players.  Please have your daughter wear blue (she does not have to wear her game jersey, but she can if she wants (Sadie will not be wearing hers to save me from washing it prior to Sunday :)


Rules Video: Kim Carney posted an excellent rules video on our webpage.  It would be very informative for parents who are less familiar with the game or any recent rule changes.

See you tonight!



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2021 Rules Review
by posted 04/07/2021

A presentation on the 2021 Girls Lacrosse Rules.  Enjoy!

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Team Gathering - Today!
by posted 04/07/2021

Good afternoon Huskies!

Reminder: Our team gathering is today from 4:00-5:30.  It is open house style, so your daughter can come for all or any part of it.  Parents are welcome to stay or drop off.  I will have some lawn games set up.  There will be snacks and drinks.  Please let me know whether or not your daughter can attend if she is not listed below.  Thanks! -Missy

Yes: Sadie, Sam G, Camille, Monica, Liliana, Maddie P, Callie, Sammy, Emmalee

No: Hannah, Maddie G, Lily, Ruby

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Thursday Practice Change
by posted 04/06/2021

Good Morning!

We have the opportunity to scrimmage the other 5/6 Franklin team this Thursday from 6:15-6:45.  Therefore, our practice time will be from 5:15-6:45.  Please let me know if your daughter cannot stay until 6:45.


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